Now Offering: Digital Products


Here at Stage, our mission is to enable creators to sell and share their work online using a simple, streamlined platform. This week, we’re excited to announce that we’ve taken another step closer towards that goal with the introduction of digital products. Now, with the addition of this new product type, creators of all types can list and sell files online, eliminating the necessity of having to create a physical item to sell. For creators whose talents don’t include supply chain management or fulfillment operations, this is big news.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this announcement is that it creates endless opportunities for creators to monetize. For musicians, this new product type enables them to sell digital downloads directly to their audience. Whether that means single tracks that aren’t available elsewhere, or digital albums, the upside is the same: musicians can make more money with one sale than with hundreds or thousands of streams on most platforms.

Other creators can also benefit from our new digital products. Photographers can sell digital files of their work- we accept all file types and have no size limits. Life and skill coaches can sell .pdfs offering advice and guides to their audiences. Graphic designers can sell tools such as photoshop brushes or font packages. Developers can sell code snippets and plugins. The list goes on endlessly as the only limitations on this product type are those set by creators and legislators. 

Of course, we can also already hear the skeptics who say, “digital products aren’t anything new, there’s already a number of other services offering digital products. How is this any different?” Well, our response is the same for this question as it would be for any other question relating to a specific feature: the value of Stage is not in a single feature, it’s in the consolidation and affordability of numerous features that make the online efforts of creators simpler and more affordable than ever.

With the Stage platform, creators can build a page that’s customizable to match their aesthetic, shares their most important content, enables sales of digital and physical products, and allows them to build their audience with Newsletter and SMS signups, as well as a number of social media links. Rather than having to piece together a web of services, a costly and inconvenient process, Stage users can begin selling and sharing online within minutes and without any upfront fees.

Taking advantage of this exciting new offering is easy: simply sign up for a free Stage account, and begin filling out your profile. Our onboarding guide will make it easy for you to setup your shop as well as your profile. Under our free plan, creators will be able to sell up to 5 digital products, as well as 1 physical product. For those who get the taste of success and want to push it further, our Pro Plan enables users to list up to 10 digital products and 5 physical products, as well as strengthen relationships with their fans using our audience building tools.

To get your Stage setup, simply head over to our free signup page to create an account! If you have any questions or would like assistance building your page, feel free to reach out using our contact page.

It’s never been a better time to start making money on Stage.