Introducing: Stage 2.0


It’s finally here.

After months of developing, testing, learning, and listening to feedback, Stage 2.0 is finally here. When we first set out on our mission to build Stage, our goal was to create a platform that enables independent artists to share and monetize their work. While that’s been, and continues to be our goal, how exactly that would manifest itself as a service is something that we’ve allowed to be flexible as we work towards discovering the true needs of artists.

When we released Stage 1.0 back in October, our goal was to validate the need for a more engaging content hub that artists can use in their social profiles to give their fans a more engaging and creative way to share their work than the numerous rudimentary link stack options that currently makeup the market. In that release, we also tested the waters to see if there was interest in simplified E-commerce tools that would enable users to sell online without any technical knowledge whatsoever. What we quickly learned was that a product offering both an engaging content hub and codeless E-commerce tools is in high demand.

Between the launch of Stage 1.0 in October, and today’s launch of Stage 2.0, our heads have been buried in the sand as we’ve built an entirely new E-commerce system that enables anyone to sell anything without the need for technical skills. With Stage, there’s no web hosting, domain names, site builders, or payment processors. All you need is a profile, a product, and a PayPal or Venmo account to receive payouts. In lieu of plugins and 3rd party integrations, we’ve simplified the process so that all our users need to be able to do, is fill out forms. 

The beauty of Stage is in its simplicity. Using our form based approach, users can have their own web store up and running within minutes. Technical processes such as shipping calculations, automated Emails, inventory management, and even shipping fulfillment notifications are all handled automatically through the Stage backend. For those looking to start selling online without the burden of coordinating hosting, a site builder, and payment processing, Stage offers an ideal alternative.

Where Stage truly stands alone however, is in our mobile-first approach to combing a comprehensive content hub with simplified E-commerce. Now, artists can promote their latest release, direct fans to their favorite streaming services, share external links, sell merchandise, grow their audience, and track their progress with a suite of analytics tools, all from one simple profile.

Now that the platform we’ve always imagined is finally available we’re excited to share it with the world, ushering in a new wave of opportunity for independent artists. As always, we’ll remain vigilant and open to new ideas as our focus continues to be on creating a platform that helps artist turn their passion into prosperity.

If you have any suggestions for how we can continue to improve our platform, don’t hesitate to let us know via the form on our contact page.

Otherwise, we welcome you to Stage.

An Engaging Content Hub for Your Social Link:

Go beyond a link tree, with a fully customizable profile that allows you to embed media, highlight featured content, grow your newsletter and SMS audiences, and so much more.

Simplified E-Commerce Tools:

No hosting, no payment processors, and no technical skills whatsoever. Just a profile, product, and PayPal or Venmo account for payouts.

Fully Customizable from a Mobile Friendly Dashboard:

Control your content, update products, check sales, and review your analytics directly from your mobile device.