Unlimited Links


You asked for it, so we made it happen: your Stage bio site can now host unlimited links.

From the jump, our mission has been to create a platform that enables musicians, artists, and creatives of all types to quickly and easily set up a simplified website that reflects their passion and effortlessly shares all of their content. While Stage isn’t the first platform to offer a bio link solution, it’s the only one that offers a comprehensive suite of tools that enable creators to embed rich media, sell physical and digital products, share important links, and much more, all from one code-free dashboard.

The reason why we offer all of these tools, and haven’t restricted our platform to a link stack, is simple: we listen to your feedback. As a creator, there are better ways to share your content than to simply stack all of your links together in identical rectangular boxes, with the exception of one that might do a little wiggle to grab extra attention. Your content deserves better. That’s why we offer features such as a content highlight that allows you to embed a video or hero image with a specific call to action for your highest priority link. It’s also why we’ve expanded upon the limitations of other services and given you full control over the look and feel of your page, and created tools like our simplified E-commerce system and our Audience Builder.

This week, we’re taking things yet another step further with the introduction of our revamped link stack tool. Previously, all accounts were limited to four external text-based links. Now, at the request of our users with more than four links to share, we’ve added an Unlimited Links plan. In addition to all of the great capabilities of our free plan, the new Unlimited Links plan enables you to do just that: add an unlimited number of links to your profile for just $3/month. Plus, we’ve also introduced thumbnail images to our link stack, meaning you can leverage familiar imagery to help your audience navigate to where they want to be more efficiently. Have an album release to share? Slap the album artwork onto the link & your followers will immediately know where to click without having to read through an entire link stack.

With the addition of this simple, yet powerful tool, your Stage bio site can now keep up with your endless stream of new content. Whether you have four links or four hundred, the Stage Unlimited Link plan can host all of the content you need to share in an environment that’s uniquely yours.

Of course, we’re not done developing yet. We’ll have another exciting announcement in the coming weeks regarding yet another feature that will further extend your ability to share your content, monetize your work, and send your audience to the links they need to visit. It’s too soon to say too much, but stay tuned in the coming weeks to learn more!

For now, head to your dashboard to check out the new Stage link stack feature. If you’re new to us, signup for our Free Plan to build your bio site, absolutely free. If you find yourself desiring more links, you can upgrade to our Unlimited Link or Pro Plan at any time!

Have a suggestion or feature request? We’d love to hear it. Please tell us all about it via our Contact Form.